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TANZANIA – Kilimanjaro

Round the Kilimanjaro on a motorcycle

Motorcycle safari through  Tanzania & Kenya

Hakuna matata” or in other words, no worries. This tour gives you the opportunity to experience Africa at its best. A 10-days experience, which we do in cooperation with our partner Motosafaris in Kenya, filled with breathtaking scenery, wild animal safaris, indigenous culture and meeting local people. But as well as beach, sun, and of course some fantastic motorcycle riding.

You will ride on light motorcycles (200 cc), there is a support vehicle for bringing our luggage, so that will make the riding more fun! This tour is ideal for couples or for beginners who do not have so much experience with driving on gravel.

Experience the warm friendliness of the African people! It is so much fun riding through the small villages and have contact with the locals”Anna B. / Sweden



  • Relax and enjoying beautiful white beaches at the Indian ocean at Sawasawa beach-house
  • See wildlife in National parks like Tsavo and Amboselli National Park
  • Seven days motorbike safari around Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
  • Sun, beach and snorkling among tropical fish
  • Meeting the locals
  • Wasini National Marine Park
  • Fantastic asphalt and gravel riding


Travel information

  • Date
  • Availability
  • 8 Sep - 17 Sep 2019
  • Fully booked