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How about COVID-19 and our tours?

Finally the world starts to open up and we have started touring again. Our tours to Iceland, Norway and Romania shows that it is possible to (safely) travel again. We are starting to receive more and more bookings for 2022.  However we have had some customers still reluctant to book trips for fear of new travel restrictions.  We want to reassure any-one looking to book a tour at this time that if:

a) The tour cannot proceed due to any Covid-19 travel restrictions (cancelled by us),

b) You can not travel in light of the Covid-19 situation on the tour route due to governmental restrictions (not because of not being vaccinated or willing to do a PCR test),

We continue to offer a transfer to a later date or a full refund.

Do not be discouraged from booking a tour.  Your money is perfectly safe with us. We have lodged -a mandatory by Swedish law- travel guarantee at ‘Kammarkollegiet’, the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. See for more ‘Protection’ below.

Tour Review Policy

With immediate effect we are adopting an six week review process for all tours.  We will review the current situation each week for tours occurring six weeks ahead and take a view on the viability and security of each trip at that point. If there are travel restrictions in place at that time which will, in all likelihood, remain in place and impact the tour we will cancel the tour at that point. If the tour is travelling to an area unaffected or can be amended without a significant impact then we will plan for the tour to proceed. We will always follow the recommendations by the Swedish government and the government of the country we’re going to visit.

While at present there seem to be few, if any, unaffected areas in the world we must remember that this crisis will pass. At some point regions will become safe again and start to open up for travel. We do not want to jeopardise tours un-necessarily or to cancel tours so far in advance that by the time the departure date arrives the destinations are once again available, but the tour cancelled.

We hope this review process will provide suitable notice and clarity without unnecessarily cancelling future plans.

Payments / Tour Cancellation

Our tours are normally due for final payment eight weeks prior to departure. But until further notice we have a 4 week period for the final payment has to be done. Rest assured you can be confident that any payment made is absolutely safe with Explore360. See “Protection” below.

Our position on cancellations remains as mentioned above. If, prior to departure, we are unable to run your tour due to travel restrictions put in place by the Swedish government and/or the government of the country we will visit, you would have the following options:

  • Postpone your tour to next year;
  • Transfer to another tour;
  • Receive a full re-fund of monies paid to us (within 14 days after cancellation).

If you have other costs relating to the tour, for example flights, other accommodation etc. then you should seek a refund from these suppliers directly or from your travel insurance.  If your tour is cancelled you will receive a cancellation notice by e-mail.


Explore360 has lodged a travel guarantee at ‘Kammarkollegiet‘ (Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency) as required by Swedish law (and EU-directives). This is the most secure manner in which we can protect our customers. There are many motorcycle tour operators who have no guarantee, which means a bigger risk in current times.

Kammarkollegiet provides financial protection under Travel Guarantee Act and in the event of our insolvency, protection is provided for non-flight packages. You can access details of the regulations here: What this means is that in the event of the failure of the company any payments you have made would be refunded by Kammarkollegiet.


We would strongly suggest that if you have other travel plans for 2021/2022 you check that the company you are booked with is suitably bonded or insured.  While compliance with the regulations is a legal requirement in Sweden it is seldom checked or sometimes not even enforced. We are aware of many tour operators in other parts of the world who flout the regulations, leaving their customers exposed, so we recommend you take this chance to check their compliance.

Insurance – own responsibility

We always strongly recommend that you have a travel, and a cancellation-insurance in place to cover cancellation and also medical and repatriation costs while away. With a degree of uncertainty in all future travel plans we would suggest this is an excellent time to check the coverage of your travel insurance, or if you do not yet have a policy in place to get covered.  Please ensure your policy covers you for motorcycling, using a large capacity motorcycle, in the countries you will be travelling.

When you have to cancel the tour due to COVID-19 or other illness, we offer a full-pay back up to 30 days before the start of the tour (you need to include a Doctor’s statement). Up to a week before the start of the tour we charge 50% and within a week you will get no re-fund.

A cancellation insurance is something we always highly recommend. So you will get (partly) your money back in case you have to cancel.



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