2021 the year we started touring again :) How about 2022? - Explore360°- Motorcycle Adventures

2021 the year we started touring again :) How about 2022?

Yes, we did it!

Finally after 1,5 year not being able to travel, we started off with our popular Iceland adventure. And what a ride it was!

It felt good to be back on the tracks with an incredible bunch of nice people from The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Poland and Sweden. Riding with a mixture of people from different countries truly enhances the whole experience.

Followed by tours in Norway, Romania, Wales and Morocco, it became quite a busy period. So we decided to postpone the Sri Lanka reconnaissance to next year.

What about 2022?

We are thrilled to travel to Uganda in February for our first tour ever there. It will be very exiting to experience riding a motorcycle through National Parks discovering wildlife.

Besides Morocco in March, we have Nepal back on the calendar for April. Fingers crossed that we finally can come back to this beautiful country. The Himalayas are calling!

We will move with the whole family to the USA for one year, so that will create some opportunities to explore trails like the Backcountry Discovery Roads and the Trans American Trail in this amazing country. I feel some new tours coming up ;)

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