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A small amount of people can join us on our 'scouting or pilot tours'. Not everything has been arranged in detail, we are self sufficient and travel light. The route has been generally planned but has to be explored further. So, we might take a wrong turn, sleep in unknown places or face some other struggles on our way. But your help and teamwork is essential. Your input is needed to give us direct feedback for coming trips.

Do you need a hot shower and WiFi every day? Then this isn’t your kind of trip. We will stay at home-stays, in small guesthouses, hostels, or out in the middle of nowhere. But if you have a flexible attitude, an open mind towards different cultures and are looking for a healthy dose of adventure, you might want to join us! You need to be an experienced off-road rider and used to traveling in developing countries.

Where to start? Trip of a life time? This year I was lucky enough to join Chris on his reconnaissance trip to Nepal. Simply special! It was so much more than adventure riding in the Himalayas.

But it’s not all about the riding, Chris manages to create an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life."


Then we have "Pilot Tours". When routes have been scouted, accommodations have been booked, and an itinerary have been made, we'll test the tour with a whole group of customers.

Because this is very different than doing a reconnaissance with a small selective group of people, things might still go differently as planned. A flexible attitude and open mind-set is needed to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Adventure is guaranteed!

For 2023 we have planned a recce in Sri Lanka, and a pilot-tour in Romania and in Israel.

For 2024 we're planning an expedition from South Africa all the way to Uganda through at least 10 southern African countries!

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