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Klim - Technical gear

We want only the best for our guides! So all of us wear Klim gear during our tours to keep us protected, dry, warm or cool under all circumstances and all over the world.



Outback Motortek - protection and luggage systems

Sometimes it doesn't goes not as you wanted and you crash. For those moments you want your bike to be protected. We use  Outback Motortek crash-bars and sump guard to protect our Yamaha T700  and Husqvarna 701 because we don't compromise when talking quality. Not for our tours, neither for the gear, equipment and bikes we use.





During our tours and expeditions we use Garmin navigation equipment not only for finding but also tracking our way. Especially when going off the grid, knowing where you are is essential. We use mostly the Garmin Montana for our off-road adventures. This in combination with the Garmin inReach Mini so in case of an emergency we can still communicate with the outer world (or each other) when we have no phone reception.






Since the introduction of the new Yamaha Ténéré 700 (T700) we partnered up with Yamaha Scandinavia and use this motorcycle for our tours in Europe, like Norway and Iceland.

Why this bike? Because its weight and off-(and on-)road capabilities. Its simple technology, no extra bells & whistles that can brake down on a long trip. In combination with the reliability that Yamaha stands for, it is the perfect combination for us!


For all your quality tools and Klim gear you can reach out to Peter Scheltens. He has tons of experience after traveling the world for 3 years together with his wife and will gueranteed give you some solid good advise before you start your next motorcycle adventure.


We're recommended by Mad or Nomad, a great website where you can find tons of information about adventure motorcycle traveling. Check it out!



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