Kilimanjaro - Kenya/Tanzania - Brita Myrvold Rønning (Norway) - Explore360°- Motorcycle Adventures

Kilimanjaro – Kenya/Tanzania – Brita Myrvold Rønning (Norway)

A warm, dusty, challenging and absolutely fantastic experience! «Hakuna Matata» (no worries) was clearly not my slogan when we started! This was due to my lack of experience with gravel riding (nada) and a natural scepticism to almost everything else, but 10 days out in the wilderness in Africa does something to you.

Exploring Africa on a motorbike was genius. We were visiting places where no ordinary tourists go, getting there on challenging dirt roads to the cheering of happy locals. To make it perfect, there were breath-taking sceneries wherever you looked. Magic!

Thanks to Explore360 and Chris for a very well organised tour and necessary instructions, Johan and Jon (guides) for good leadership and loads of patience, and the other group members for support and friendships for life. Because of you, I’m ready for new gravel adventures!



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