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Off Road Skills/Wild in Wales – Brita Myrvold Rønning (Norway)

If you want to develop your off road skills effectively, in a short time and beyond your expectations, Simon Pavey and his crew is the right place to start. Each and one of the instructors are extremely skilled and professional, not only in motorcycle riding, but also in teaching, instructing, organizing, leading and supporting.

I was on level 1 and had my ups and downs, and found it really challenging sometimes, but I did stuff that I’d never in my dreams thought I could do after 2 days!! If you go, I really recommend to do the all road tour after the course as well. There you get to practice what you have learned, still on your own level. The peak of this course/tour for me was to manage the water holes and the hill climbing in the forest the last day, together with the whole group (all levels)!! That was an adrenaline kick!!



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