Morocco - Carl Ringness (Canada) - Explore360°- Motorcycle Adventures

Morocco – Carl Ringness (Canada)

This trip marked many firsts for me personally, and with that came some reservations; not being in control, traveling out of North America for the first time, riding a BMW motorcycle  That being said, I wish I had done it sooner… and I could not have picked a better company to do it with.

Explore360° made the whole process easy and painless, Chris was always there by email at first, then in person picking me up at the airport, always a smile on his face and supportive words throughout the trip. The riding, the hotels, the food, the sights and most of all the professional attitude of the organizers was excellent.

One thing to prepare for, that they do not cover in the handouts or the initial briefings.. Prepare to make some great friends in a short period of time.

Please do not hesitate to book a trip through Explore360°, you will not regret it!



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